Queen of the Nile Slot
Queen Of The Nile Aristocrat

Queen of the Nile Slot

Queen of the Nile is a classic and well-known slot game developed by Aristocrat Gaming, a famous casino gaming development company. Queen of the Nile slots are trendy because of their high RTP and mystical vibe. The playing area has been designed to be highly entertaining and immersive – making it perfect for high rollers and beginners.

The game has five reels, three rows of symbols and 20 paylines that you can choose from. The Queen of the Nile casino game also features scatters, wilds, fun gambling features and many free spins. The minimum stake is one coin per payline, and the maximum total stake is 1000 coins by the Aristocrat software.

The Queen of the Nile online slot game has been themed on the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, one of the most recognizable figures of the period. The game has been designed to resemble the real slot machine, which is terrific. The Egyptian motifs included in the Queen of the Nile are very authentic.

If you achieve the right combination of the scatter symbol and the payline, you will unlock exciting bonuses and win cash. If you manage to get Cleopatra’s icons, you will end up winning a massive cash bonus of 9000 coins. The Queen of the Nile slot game is a fascinating casino gambling game.

Queen of the Nile Slot Machine

How to Play Queen of the Nile?

First things first, you will need to install the Queen of the Nile free online slot machine software on your computer or phone. Make sure that the latest version of Flash player is running smoothly on your device. After this, you should do some demo gaming to get familiar with the interface.

The free online Queen of the Nile slot machine is great for beginners because you can bet small amounts of coins at first. When you get good at gambling, you can start to bet more considerable sums of cash. The info button on the interface will tell you everything you need to know about this particular game’s paytable.

Queen of the Nile has a maximum of 25 lines that you can bet on, but the number of lines you want to play with can be adjusted quite easily. The betting limits and cash prizes will also fall if you decrease the number of lines. However, these Queen of the Nile features are ideal for new players.

You can also control the number of spins you want to invest in. There is an auto spin function that you can use to get the slots working all by themselves. Whenever you win something, the free Queen of the Nile slot machine online pauses and informs you about the winnings. Make sure you take advantage of all the bonuses.


Queen of the Nile Slot Paylines

This section of the Queen of the Nile casino review will focus on this fantastic software’s exact gameplay. That is why you will notice that most of the slot machine’s symbols have some sort of Egyptian significance. One of the signs is the golden scarab beetle – a token of the sun god, Ra.

If you play Queen of the Nile by Aristocrat, you will be able to enjoy all of the delightful Egyptian motifs and messages hidden in the middle of the games. The story of Cleopatra is exciting, as she was the alluring empress of the Egyptians. It’s also rumoured that she and Julius Caesar were lovers at one time.

  • Scatter Symbol: In this Queen of the Nile game, the scatter symbol is a motif of the queen herself. As in any game of slots, the scatter is the most valuable symbol. If you get an odd number of scatter symbols, that means you are going to win a lot of cash. One scatter will let you play 15 spins.
  • Wild Symbol: In Queen of the Nile slots, the pyramid is the wild symbol that will let you complete many prize combinations quickly. You will also be able to win instant prizes if you manage to get two or more pyramids on your screen. All the winnings of the free play round will also be effectively tripled.
  • Gambling Round: When you play the Queen of the Nile slot game, you will also access very cool gambling round. Whether you activate this round or not depends on you. If you guess the colour and suit of a face-down card correctly, you will be able to triple your cash. You can try your luck five times.
  • Betting Range: Thee Queen of the Nile slots’ betting range is also very flexible, which means you can make a bet of 0.01-5 coins on one payline. The game also has a fixed jackpot, which will allow you to win 3000 credits at once. This is only possible if you get five wild symbols simultaneously.

Real Money Game

It is recommended to play the demo and trial version of Queen of the Nile before investing real money. Instead of risking your money in an unfamiliar game, it is a better idea to try it out beforehand. Once you are comfortable, you can start gambling and betting real money to buy the in-game coins.

It is also a great idea to activate the autoplay feature beforehand so that you are not distracted from a winning streak by having to press the spin button repeatedly. The software will take care of everything. As stated before, the slots will come to a pause automatically every time you win something in the middle of the game.

The Queen of the Nile slot machine also has a very cool dynamic paytable that keeps changing depending on the number of coins you are willing to bet. Riskier bets can lose a considerable amount of money, but the amount of money you stand to win is also significant. This is a very thrilling and fun casino game.

Mobile Experience

iOS: Since Flash player is not properly compatible with iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, there is a small chance that the Queen of the Nile won’t work correctly. If you want to avoid this compatibility issue, you should install Flash beforehand to prevent any troubles.

Android: Queen of the Nile is 100% compatible with all Android devices, and you can also download the game directly from the app store. You can also play this game from a valid and legal website so that you don’t even need to download the game on your phone. The winning combo will give you pretty good cash.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High RTP of 95.86% Volatility is very high
Winning combinations are easy to remember
Egyptian aesthetic is attractive


To sum it up concisely, the slot machine Queen of the Nile is a fantastic game developed by Aristocrat that will let you enjoy an authentic casino and gaming experience from the comfort of your home. This game is elaborated not only for beginners but also for high rollers, and you stand to win pretty decent amounts of money. Waste no more time and play Queen of the Nile slots online for free today!


  • Is it safe to play Queen of the Nile?

Yes, the Queen of the Nile is entirely safe to play because of its encrypted gaming protocol.

  • Does the Queen of the Nile have high volatility?

It can be said with certainty that Queen of the Nile slots is a game with a medium amount of volatility, perfect for beginners.

  • What is the minimum deposit in Queen of the Nile?

The minimum bet you can make is 0.01 coins per payline.

  • Can I play Queen of the Nile if I am not from Canada?

Whether you can play Queen of the Nile or not depends on the local laws of the country that you currently live in.

  • How to play Queen of the Nile?

You will be able to play Queen of the Nile easily if you go through this informative and detailed review very carefully.