No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is every player’s dream and is the best deal. Simply by signing up for a new account, you can earn money to play free games and also get the chance to win real money. The promotional offer gives you the chance to try out different games and also assess the Canada online casino where you are playing without risking your own money.

The online gambling industry is truly crowded, and if they do not put in additional effort, they might run the risk of becoming obsolete. This is the reason they provide casino offers like this. The no deposit offer is one of the best ways to attract new customers to the Canadian online casino or betting site. It can help in boosting your earnings.

In this article, you will learn what you can expect from an online casino free signup bonus no deposit required deal and the reasons you should claim. So, keep reading this review to find out more.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

A casino bonus no deposit required deal is exactly what the name says. It is given out to players for free, and they do not have to make a deposit to claim it. This is what makes it so appealing to the punters. The deal can be given as extra cash or Free Spins. It is basically a free bonus that lets you play without any risk and try your fortune.

What’s really attractive about this exclusive offer is it gives you the chance to win real capital without any risk involved, no matter the game you are gambling on. Even though they are mostly given out as a welcome offer, they are at times offered to high-spending punters to keep them playing on the site. But they come with a wagering requirement.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

Usually, you just have to open a new account to qualify for this deal. There is no need to insert any banking information, and you hardly have to offer any private details except your name, email address, and birthdate. A few sites will automatically credit the account with this exclusive deal cash or spins after signing up, while others require you to send an email to the customer service or to enter no deposit bonus codes Canada to claim it.

Here is the list of steps you need to follow to claim it.

  • Understand the Basics: These best bonuses come in the form of Free Spins for slots or cash. At times these are even given out as free bets. However, all these offers come with a playthrough requirement on the wins that are derived from these Free Spins, free cash, or free bets.
  • Choose the Right Bonus: You might think bigger is always better, but that isn’t always the case, particularly with this type of deal. To understand if it is a better deal, you need to check whether it has a wagering requirement and a cap on the wins.
  • Understand the Rules: Apart from the maximum payouts and wagering requirement, you should also learn about other rules that are in place. So, make sure that you take time to read the terms and conditions that come with the bonus. Remember, the devil is in detail. Some Free Spins for slots can only be used on a limited number of games or put a time limit on how long the offer is valid.
  • Claim the Offer: If you qualify for it and you think it is suitable for you, as soon as you sign up, you can access the bonus game. If you have to call customer care or insert the bonus code to activate the detail, do it to claim the offer.

Top 10 No Deposit Bonus Codes Canada

What Should I Check with No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes?

When you are choosing the best no deposit deal, there are a few aspects that you need to evaluate. It is one of the most popular ways to attract new customers to the online casino or betting site. Check out the list of factors below.

  • Amount: One of the most important factors that you need to take into account is the amount that is being provided by the deal. Obviously, $20 is much better than $10 when it comes to changing your fortune. However, this is not the only factor that you should take into account. There is more.
  • Validity Period: So, you have received $20, but you only have 1 hour to turn it over 50 times. That is almost next to impossible. Hence, you need to find an offer that is available for a reasonable time period in which you will be able to play through the bonus.
  • Games Applicable: When you claim the deal, you have to ensure that the games that you are going to play have been included in the bonus, and they need to have a good wagering requirement contribution. For instance, if you like slots, you might not face any difficulty as those are abundant and have a 100% contribution to the playthrough requirement. Nevertheless, this is not the case with other games.
  • Playthrough: Sure, the casino is providing you free money, but if you have to withdraw your wins from the offer, you will have to play through the deal money a few times. Remember, a few gambling sites use different words.
  • Maximum Win Restrictions: After you have claimed the offer and have been lucky enough to secure a big win using the offer money, you might find out that the casino has a restriction on the maximum amount you can win. So, check the restrictions that the gaming site puts in place on the payout amount.

Knowing the above helps in understanding how you can clear the sign-up bonus and improve your chances of transforming your bonus money to real cash, which is yours to keep.

Terms and Conditions

Most of the time than not, players tend to neglect the terms and conditions that come with the bonus. However, it is necessary to read them before you claim the deal. A majority of the gambling sites offering no deposit bonus have air-tight terms and conditions. This is primarily to protect their own interest. If they do not do this, it will be too easy for the punters to abuse the system and become rich at the expense of the casino.

Keep in mind that gambling sites are businesses that have to earn a profit in order to stay afloat. Their primary aim is to offer entertainment for a fee. When they are offering a freebie such as this, it might result in a monetary loss for the site.

The terms and conditions are a two-way street. It protects the interests of the gambling site, as well as the players. Even though the documents are lengthy, it gives an insight into how the offer functions.

Casinos tend to put restrictions on the maximum amount you are allowed to wager, while others might ask you to make a deposit prior to cashing out.

Some gambling sites might have a maximum withdrawal limit on the bonus amount you can withdraw, while some might restrict you to play some games. Hence, it is better to read the terms and conditions carefully before you agree on anything.

It Is All About the Wagering Requirement

In case you want to claim and use the best bonus to its maximum effect, you need to understand how the wagering requirement works. The rule is activated when you have used the bonus, whether it was Free Spins for slots or free cash.

For instance, you have received a no deposit bonus of 20 Free Spins applicable on slots with 40x wagering requirements and have won $50 from them. Prior to making the withdrawal request for that $50, you need to give the gambling site a chance to win a certain portion of the money. This is the entire theory behind the wagering requirement.

So, if you go by the example, you are multiplying $50 by 40 to get $2000. This is the wagering requirement. You have to start playing with $50 until you have made a total stake of $2000.

In reality, you are soon going to run out of funds even before you reach that amount. If you are lucky and are able to hit a big win, you might have a little cash left in the account by the time you finish betting $2000.

So, the question is, how can you improve your chances? Take a look at the list of the ways to do that.

  • Play with the best offers that are linked to slots with high RTP.
  • Find out bonuses that have a low wagering requirement.

Maximum Win

This is another restriction that is put on the no deposit bonus. A few of these best bonuses might come with a cap on wins. This is done to make sure that the punters don’t leave the casino with a large sum of money. No one likes limits, but since they exist, everyone needs to be aware of them if they want to be lucky.

Restricted Casino Games

You cannot play all types of games at a Canadian casino using this offer, but there are a few sites that will let you play only selected video slots. Others are going to encourage you to wager on titles by reducing the impact of other games such as bingo, roulette, and blackjack will have on the wagering requirement. However, it is not available for jackpot games.

In the majority of the cases, the slots will contribute one hundred percent to the casino’s wagering requirement. So, if you are betting $10, it is going to count as $10 wagered. High RTP games such as blackjack might contribute only about 10% to the wagering requirement. This means you have to bet $100 on the games to get $10 wagered.

Validity Period

Most of the time than not, these bonuses are available for a limited time. Once you are creating the new player account and claim the Canadian casino no deposit bonus, you will be given a few days or a maximum of a few days. In case you forget this limit, you are going to lose the deal.

Calculating Risks

Expected value is a concept that describes the average result of a random event. When it comes to gambling, this value is calculated to decide the long-term profitability of a bonus.

For calculating this value, you require 3 pieces of information. Check the list below.

  • The house advantage of the game you will play.
  • The wagering requirement.
  • Bonus size.

Now, all you will have to do is multiply the house advantage by the total wagering requirement. For instance, you are playing a game with a 2.7% house advantage and have to wager a total of $60,000.

So, according to the Expected value = Bonus amount – Wager requirement * House edge.

$60,000 x 0.027= $1620.

It means you can expect to lose $1620 as you clear the bonus. The actual results might vary as it depends on the period you play. Now, you have to compare the number to the bonus money you can win. In case this is a $2000 bonus, you just have to subtract $1620. So, the profit that you can potentially make is $380.

So, as per this example, the bonus can be taken to be a good deal, and you can get lucky with it. However, not all bonuses are generous. This is the reason it is good to understand the relation between the expected value and bonuses.

Types of No Deposit Bonus

The best no deposit bonus can take the form of Free Spins for slots or cash bonuses. The amount of bonus and the circumstances under which the bonus is awarded are going to vary from one gambling site to another. Here is a list of the various types of no deposit offers.

  • Free Spins and Free Play. It is the most common type of no deposit bonus that you can win on a gambling site. This involves a bunch of spins that can be used in online slots. Punters are going to receive Free Spins for slots after they register their account. Usually, it is available for use in one online slot specified. You can win free table chips and casino game credits, too. This basically means you will get to play a few rounds of a table game for free.
  • Free Cash Bonus No Deposit Offer. There are a few gambling sites that will offer you a certain amount of cash or bonus like a no deposit offer. This sounds attractive as you can choose the game that you want to play. Nevertheless, these bonuses are difficult to come by these days, and a few of them will ask you to deposit money at a later stage. You can also win cashback or free cash as loyalty benefits on a gambling site. As you advance in the game, the rewards are going to get better.
  • Online Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus. In case you like playing on your mobile, you might already be aware of the fact that casinos in Vegas and across the world generally make their bonuses available for people who play on their handheld devices. To win this, you will have to complete the registration procedure using your mobile phone and claim mobile casino no deposit bonus codes. The offers will be available from desktop and mobile. So, you can switch between the two devices seamlessly.

Does a No Deposit Bonus Work for Existing Players?

These offers are primarily available for all the new punters out there. However, existing punters can also secure these winnings. They will be able to win this as a loyalty reward. There are many Canadian casinos that offer Free Spins on slots or cash to their VIP customers.

Free No Deposit Casino Bonus Benefits

This offer is beneficial for the players, as well as the gambling site that is offering it.

  • Benefits for Players: Punters who claim this offer will be able to win money without even depositing. So, it is free money that allows you to make real money wins. It gives them time to learn about the free signup bonus no deposit casino. With this, you will be able to try out a game before investing real money.
  • Benefits for the Casino: The benefit that a Canadian casino draws from it is more players. The offer helps in attracting more customers to the gambling site.

Which Games to Play with a No Deposit Bonus?

Usually, slots by different software providers are the most popular games that you can play with a no deposit bonus. However, you can also play blackjack and other games.

Players tend to play slots because the winnings generally contribute 100% to the wagering when the other games do not. Some sites promote slots through these offers, and you can try them to find out if you are lucky. Live casino games are generally not a part of the deal.


Like every other competitive industry, casinos fight for the customers. So, they try to offer bonuses to the punters. The better is the offer, the more customers it is going to attract. No deposit bonus is the best bonus for the players. It helps you to check out a game or the game that you want to gamble on for free while giving you the chance to grab real money winnings. However, before you sign up for it, make sure you read the wagering requirement.


  • Β  Can you get a casino no deposit bonus multiple times?

No, it is not possible to win the same offer multiple times in one casino with a free bonus no deposit.

  • Β  Can you dodge the fulfilment of wagering requirements?

Once you sign up for the bonus and claim it, you have to fulfil the wagering requirement to cash it out. Otherwise, you lose the bonus.

  • Β  Are there wagering requirements for all Canadian no deposit bonuses?

There are a few gambling sites that have no wagering no deposit bonuses, but those are only a few.

  • Β  Can I get several no deposit bonuses from the same casino?

If the Canadian casino offers a loyalty bonus, you can win it more than once in the same Canadian casino.