Big Ben Slot Machine
Big Ben Slot Aristocrat

Big Ben Slot Machine

The Big Ben slot is one of the most famous free video slot machines in the world of gambling. It was inspired by Big Ben in London and came with a mixture of synthesized slot-game sounds, along with high-quality animation and graphics.The Big Ben slot game was established in 2003 by Aristocrat Leisure Limited and became universally popular. It was well-known for providing a 30,000-coin prize, a considerably high amount back then for a non-progressive slot game. The game has features like Big Ben, a free spin bonus game, and the gambling feature triggered during the game. Aristocrat Leisure Limited ported the land-based slot machine game into the online platform in 2011.

Big Ben Slot Aristocrat

How to Play the Big Ben Slot Game?

The Big Ben slot game is pretty simple to play. People who are new to the online Big Ben slot game can follow some tips to get started. To know what the tips are, just read on!When the players are getting started, they find messages and tips displayed right above the reel area. The Big Ben slot machine is completely based on five reels and 30 pay lines. You can play the game either with all the 30-pay lines or wagering real cash. The coin denomination range is from 1-cent to 50-cents. If you are looking for a casual game where there is no risking of your bankroll, then this slot game is the right one for you.The total number of hit frequencies of the winning symbol is 50.19% for White and Black 7s, 64.85% for Bars and Stars, 40% for Black Gold Wild, 50% or above for Triple Blazing Sevens Jackpot. The features of this online Big Ben slot machine are triggered when the online Big Ben slot game symbol falls between the reels of 1 to 5 within the same spin. You can also win around a 500x multiplier once the Big Ben strikes.


The gameplay experience is overall exciting and fun as it carries a combination of retro and modern style with crowns, jewels, red busses, Buckingham Palace guards, and phone booths. Once you are qualified to play this free online Big Ben slot machine game, you could win prizes, which will exceed your imagination. Players who have tried the free Big Ben slot machine online had an outstanding gaming experience.

Things to Love About the Game

Firstly, you can register for free, and placing the right combination will help you win big as well. The more combinations you do, the more prizes you will earn. When you see this Big Ben free online slot game for the first time, it immediately gives you the urge to play it, and all thanks to its outstanding appearance along with the animation it carries. The slot game is pretty easy to play and also available on the online platform.

The Best Thing About the Game

Big Ben Slot Paytable Aristocrat

The Big Ben casino game also provides the highest pay-out rates than any other game. It will offer you a win and the opportunity to gain a maximum return over the wages. The pay-out rate is said to be over 96%, and it’s one of the reasons why this game is worth playing. The best thing you will enjoy in this Big Ben slots game is the free spins you will receive periodically while playing the game.

Best Features of the Game

The Big Ben free slot game comes with many features, and some of them were recently added by Aristocrat Leisure Limited for the best online gaming experience. Features like the wilds, the scatters and the ‘Big Ben Feature’ are pretty popular among the players. These features will provide the players with plenty of benefits along with free spins so that they can win big.

Real Money Game

Some of the tips for winning the slot game are given below:

  • Look for a reliable online casino platform.
  • Try to play Big Ben slot game’s demo version. It will help in guiding how well you can play the game.
  • Create a bankroll once you split your bets.
  • Become more familiar with the spinning symbol.
  • Gain a proper understanding of the spin rolls and learn how exactly they work.
  • When starting the game, make sure to begin with a small bet.
  • Look for the bonus feature within the Big Ben slot game.

Strategies Used by Other Players

The Big Ben slot review revealed many strategies used by other players. Firstly, the players understand exactly how to play Big Ben slot games before they start. They can go through the game information section, look at the tips and tricks mentioned there, and proceed further. So, before you play Big Ben by Aristocrat Leisure Limited, it’s recommended that you follow the rules and regulations of the game.

Mobile Experience

When you play Big Ben slot(s) online for free, you will find that the mobile version is gaining more popularity. More and more individuals switch to the mobile version as the slot game is available on various platforms. Due to its simplicity and speed, it has become an ideal game to play on mobiles. You will get the chance to receive the best gaming experience, and you can easily navigate as well. The mobile version of the game is user-friendly, and the game will load quickly and smoothly.

Platforms you can play the game on:

  • iOS: On the iOS-version, this particular slot game will run evenly since it’s a flash-based game. There will be no interruption between the playing sessions, nor any error will take place.
  • Windows: The game will require double clicks to work, and it is available at the Windows store as well. The navigation will be pretty smooth, and you can enjoy the game to your heart’s content.
  • Android Tablets and Smartphones: The game will work without any issues on Android phones and tablets. With on-tap, you will have access to all the primary functions and settings of the game.

 The Pros and Cons of Big Ben Slot Game

You can make plenty of adjustments due to its customizability. It does not have many mini-games.
The navigation process is pretty manageable. You need to play the game under specific rules.
The game comes with many features. You cannot play it without an internet connection.
Available on both smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC. You cannot trigger the bonus that easily.
Pretty generous when it comes to free spins.


The Big Ben slot game has taken the internet by storm. The game is perfectly styled for its British theme and comes with many functions and benefits. The slot game is ideal for individuals who love online gambling. It has some detailed and beautifully designed features, which are pretty appealing and carry various shades as well. Each of the symbols has a unique design, which makes the entire game stand out. The screen will also display some of the iconic scenes from Sherlock Holmes’s stories and enable you to have an outstanding gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to play Big Ben slot game?

Playing the Big Ben slot game is safe. It is provided through some of the most trusted websites on the online platform.

  1. Does the Big Ben slot game have high volatility?

No, it does not have high volatility. It has medium volatility.

  1. What is the minimum deposit amount in Big Ben?

The minimum deposit for the Big Ben slot game is between 0$ to 20$.

  1. Can I play Big Ben slot by Aristocrat if I am not from Canada?

Yes, you definitely can.

  1. How to play the Big Ben slot game?

You will find the steps of playing this game on the respective websites where it is available.