Ali Baba Slot Machine
Ali Baba Slot Leander Games

Ali Baba Slot Machine

Ali Baba slot machine, a five-reel video slot created by Leander Games, is available for free. It allows you to experience the exotic side of Arabia, providing enough chances to win. Search for a free Ali Baba slot machine online and learn it before you start to play for real money. The free video slot machine Ali Baba revolves around the famous story that you must have heard in your childhood, and that’s about Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The story has changed over the years with so many movies being made on it. The Ali Baba casino game will assist you in helping Ali Baba find the gold and escape the forty thieves.


Several bonus features are available in the online Ali Baba slot machine, making the game breathtaking. The Ali Baba slot game offers bigger winnings, like three-matched free spins symbols giving the chance to play Open Sesame free spins round. In the beginning, choose the multiplier and spins, followed by which you can try a mini-game. Select the chests in the treasures, confirming the number of multipliers and spins. Exceeding the limits will give you ten more spins in Ali Baba slots.

Ali Baba Slot Game

How to Play Ali Baba?

Start to play by selecting how much you want to bet. The wager meter on Ali Baba free online slot allows you to pick the money for betting on every line. Utilize the down and upbuttons for adjusting the number of active pay-lines if you do not wish to go with all 20. Once you are ready to play Ali Baba slot game, go ahead and select on a spin or autoplay. The autoplay feature gives the flexibility to spin for a specific time without waiting.Match the symbols in Ali Baba online slot from left to right with the active pay lines, if there are any. For a matching win, the wild girl will appear on the five reels, making it easier to score. If you wish to trigger the free spins feature, you could get three symbols, like 3, 1, and 5. Also, the chance of choosing treasure chests will help in determining the free spins and multipliers you are receiving. The bonus feature can be obtained by clicking on symbols like 3, 2, and 4. In this Ali Baba feature, play as Ali, select vases, and win cash. However, look at the bandits running at the corners.The belly dancer Jasmine is the wild symbol, and when she expands, she takes up all the reels. As a result, it leads to additional winnings. In the Ali Baba slot review, we want to mention three scatter symbols in the slot, among which the first one is a treasure chest. It gives cash on landing 3, 5, or 4 symbols. However, the other options provided by the dealer lead to Bandit or Gold bonus round.


The fairy tale of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves can be experienced live. Enjoy the hidden cave and the beautiful girl escaping from the thieves. The operators have exclusive features that you can experience when you play Ali Baba slots online for free. The features are:

  • Bandit or Gold Bonus.When you play Ali Baba by Leander Games and match three bonus symbols, you get a reward. It is Bandit or Gold and 12 jars are there. Choose a jar with a treacherous monkey or the gold. The monkeys will call bandits for destroying a jar with their excellence. You’ll also get 1 to 3 Ali protections, where Alibaba kicks them to safeguard the jar. The appearance of at least three scatters will give you prizes as well.
  • Design.The visuals work well and are simply done with the Arabian soundtrack. The gameplay is engaging, and the scatter symbol can appear anywhere. The multipliers can enable triple, double wins, or even increase the wins. Some exclusive free spins that can give you real money and entertainment opportunities are available.
  • Return Rates and Wagering.While playing the slots for real money, the wagers range from 0.01 to 10 coins per pay line. The RTP of the game is 96.68, with a jackpot of 2500 coins. It is recommended to check the requirements before trying your luck in Ali Baba gambling.

Real Money Game

Ali Baba Slot Bonus Game

Accessing the thieves is risky, but the temptation of the game will encourage you to play. With other features, you also get a snake coming out from the basket, a crooked dagger, a golden beetle, a camel, and a monkey. Enjoy the adventure while entering the belly as there won’t be any bandits. For playing the game, a few tips could come in handy:

  • Choose an authentic and reputed casino site and signup on it by providing all the important details. Before hitting, collect the bonuses, and check the demo on your device.
  • Do this after opening the game on your device, followed by which select on the amount of line bet.
  • Press on the spin to start the spinning of the reels. Before investing your cash, go with the free version so that you can learn the game before you start playing.

For a free version, on some casino websites, there is no need for registration as well. Launch the site on your smartphone or desktop, and you can start playing. Additionally, it gives a pretty clear picture of the bonuses, free spins, and extraordinary payouts.

Mobile Experience

The online game can be played from your smartphone as well. If a slot game is not compatible with smartphones, its popularity reduces. That’s why designers considered this factor while creating it. The themes and graphics are fun, and the HTML5 guarantees cross-platform compatibility. It is mobile-friendly, so playing on any device, like IOS or Android, will not be difficult. It also has a mute button that you can press when getting distracted. In a way, it gives you a chance to play while you are outdoors.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The free gaming version is available. No progressive jackpot
It offers free slots and amazing bonuses.
You get to choose from 100 automatic spins.
HTML5 coding allows playing in-browser and online.


It’s time to gear up for an adventurous game with Ali Baba. The game’s layout is simple. However, it offers HD graphics. Try your hands in Ali Baba and win some exclusive rewards.


Is it safe to play Ali Baba slot?

Yes, it is. Leander software developer is licensed and accredited by the UK Gambling Commission. It follows a safe and secure gaming protocol.

Does Ali Baba have high volatility?

Ali Baba slot has medium volatility providing moderate wins.

What is the minimum deposit amount in Ali Baba?

The minimum deposit is 0.01 to 10 coins per pay line. But still, it is better to read the specifications provided by the website before you start playing.

Can I play Ali Baba if I am not from Canada?

It depends. Check if the country where you are staying has permission to operate an online casino. Depending on that, you will have to see whether you can play.

How to play Ali Baba?

It is easy to play Ali Baba, and the procedure is explained above. For more details, check the demo section, as it will give you more clarity.