50 Lions Slot Aristocrat

The online 50 Lions slot machine takes you into the heart of Africa. You will encounter many of the creatures that live in these wilds. Some of which can lead you to untold treasures. Play 50 Lions by Aristocrat for rewards. Furthermore, the art style creates a wonderful setting for you to get lost in, combining African culture and animal knowledge with the style of gaming. You will be using a 5×4 reel grid here. The number of paylines that you can win on is 50. It is the exact number the game is named after. All 50 lines can award cash prizes by landing a combo of animals, bringing you straight to the biggest treasure of them all, the diamond.

50 Lions Casino Game: Theme and Main Features

50 Lions Slot Machine

Play 50 Lions slot game now by signing up for a casino. The casino will turn your real money into coins. You do this by using the available payment methods they provide. Start spinning once bets have been placed. Try hitting a combination using three of the same symbol. More of the same kind can lead to a bigger combination streak. There are 50 paylines for you to land these combos on. The highest-paid combination will be the one awarded. The gameplay has bonus features for you to try out as well. These will give you more chances of winning. You can earn a bigger prize from doing this too.

The slot machine 50 Lions takes place in an African country. You can feel it by the way the sun sets and the shapes of the trees. The shadows of the animals will be seen going across. This creates a mesmerizing portrait for you to gush over as you play. The gameplay will keep this same landscape viewable. Even while you are spinning, the beautiful scenery never changes. The animals that appear on the reel grid will appear too. They will be seen as some of the shadows. They will traverse as if on a wheel itself. Almost as if they are cycling through to see your score. The symbols will be showing the animals in their fullest details.

In-game Features and Bonus Symbols

When it comes to the bonus features, it is quite simple.

  • The Wild symbol is your first place to get started. This is shown as a Diamond. The Diamond is the grandest treasure of the savannah. Its power is that it can be a substitution. This means it can fill in gaps for possible combinations. It is the fastest way to earn more rewards. It cannot, however, substitute the Scatter.
  • The Scatter is represented as the Red Flower. The Flower will only appear on the 1st, 2nd and 3 rd reels. They don’t require being in a single row to reward a payout. It is their feature that is most important. If you can land all three of them, you will be rewarded with free spins. Up to 10 free spins will be given for you to use. During these rounds, you can acquire an additional Wild. The extra Wild appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This means you are more likely to earn your payouts. With more Wilds on the wheel, the more gaps can be filled. The free spins can be triggered during the extra rounds as well. Land more Scatters, and you can keep the chain going. The longer the chain, the more extra Wilds will also appear.

Paytable and RTP

50 Lions Slot Paytable

A paytable can give you exactly what you want. Knowing your exact payouts is the key to gambling online. The money prizes will be different depending on the cash put down. The more coins placed in the slot, the bigger the reward can be. The minimum amount you can bet is 0.01. The maximum number of coins you can place is up to 200.00. Here is what you can get if the winning is secured:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
9, 10, J, Q 10 – 200
K, A, Tree, Tribesmen 20 – 400
Giraffe, Zebra 4 – 500 (2x to 5x)
Lion 10 – 1,000 (2x to 5x)

When you are ready to play the 50 Lions online slot, here are important facts. RTP is calculated at around 94.71%. The volatility is set to low. This implies that there are fewer chances of winning. However, the low volatility also means lower stakes. That means you will have less risking involved when it comes to cash. The game is perfectly suited for beginners—those whose gaming skills are not ready for higher stakes. Choosing the right casino can change this, however. Some can offer benefits like more free spins. A list of recommended places can be found online.

Mobile 50 Lions Slots

It is compatible to start playing on mobile devices if you wish. Mobile devices have many great advantages to playing whether you are on the move or you’re at a different location. This is all thanks to the power of HTML5. The software can create smoother gaming and better graphics even if it is not the complete desktop version. There are a ton of devices you can choose from. Many of which are developed by either Apple or Android. These places let you download an app version instead. Here are examples of available platforms:

  • Smartphone – A device everyone uses. It can perform many functions, which include games. The smaller screen may have less on it, but the game is optimised. You can take it anywhere and carry it in your pocket. Activate all of the features and bonuses through the touch screen.
  • Tablet – This works similar to a smartphone. Only this time, it is a little bigger. The tablet can be improving graphical performance. It may be harder to carry around, but it can still be useful.
  • Laptop – This can play both regular and slomobile versions, allowing you to enjoy content on the move as well. Faster download times are also a good benefit.

50 Lions Slot Game: Summary

The gameplay is entirely simple for the most part. However, that is its best advantage. It is a simple game for beginner gamblers. There is something to help you on your first step into gambling. It can teach you basic functions and the standard rules. It can offer low-risk losses too. Start here, and you can step up to anywhere, just like the journey of the animals themselves. Play 50 Lions free slots online for free to try it out with no money involved. The free online 50 Lions slot machine can be found on the provider’s site. The free 50 Lions slot machine online demo is also found on review pages.


  • Is it safe to play 50 Lions in Canada?

Canada has plenty of license companies. This all depends on which part of the country you are playing in. The licensed operators are perfectly safe, thanks to them. Make sure to register with the licensed dealer only.

  • Where in Canada can I play 50 Lions?

There is a list of safe recommended lists for casino sites. These are places you can go to earn the most benefits from your game. The demo, 50 Lions free online slot is also available as well.

  • What is the biggest win ever in 50 Lions?

The highest recorded win so far is over $12 million. Up to 2,000 combinations are available thanks to the extended paylines.

  • How volatile is 50 Lions?

With its low volatility, the stakes are normally very low. The only time where bigger wins are possible is through extended free spins.

  • How many winning ways are available in 50 Lions?

There are a total of 50 paylines in this slot. The number of combos you can score depends on how many you can hit on.

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